We have collected all of Sweden in one place!

We can provide you with maps and tourist brochures from all over the country – completely free of charge. We are devoted to everything Sweden has to offer. Therefore, since 2004, we have gathered information and tips on everything there is to experience, from north to south, in one place. Our goal is to make it easier for you to plan your trip to Sweden and to discover new favourite places.

Sweden’s nature is unique in many ways and this has always been an attraction in itself. Because our country stretches far from north to south, we have a diverse landscape along the long coast from the northern mountains to the open plains of the south. Another important draw is Allemansrätten, the right of everyone to experience, enjoy and stay freely in nature.

In Sweden there are 30 national parks and more than 5,000 nature reserves, all with the purpose to protect our nature and preserve our common natural and cultural heritage. As long as you help protect nature by acting within the boundaries that are set, you can visit and enjoy all these places.

If you prefer the bustling city life, good food and culture, Sweden has a lot to offer on this front too. Or why not combine it all? Eat shrimps on the west coast, visit any of the country’s open-air museums or follow in Abba’s footsteps in Stockholm? We have gathered all this and much more here at Sverigeturisten.