Swede Stops 2024

Swede Stops 2024

As a member of SWEDE STOPS, you get access to 100 parking spaces around Sweden, especially in rural areas.

SWEDE STOPS works to create and develop a network of local entrepreneurs (hosts) in the countryside and who invite motorhome tourists to park/overnight free of charge for a maximum of 24 hours in connection with the businesses. In addition to this, a number of places are included that are worth visiting if you are interested in nature and culture.

In this catalog there are membership cards and parking tickets that must be put in the windshield of your motorhome for free parking in our parking lots. With the membership, you also get access to the SWEDE STOPS app, where you will find new offers and opportunities with the membership.

This year's guide is valid until 2025-03-31 when next year's guide comes out.

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